Are hair feathers still in style?

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Many people think that anything that is in style must eventually go out of style and the hotter the trend, the quicker it will disappear.  Although I can think of several examples of this to be true, it's not always the case and here's why. 

Fashions fade - yes; hair trends - no (not usually).   Sometimes when a particular look in fashion (clothing) becomes extremely popular it is a result of marketing, celebrity endorsement and social pressures. These trends are not always flattering, practical or attractive. Here are a few examples...

On the other hand, many hair trends become popular because they are flattering, stylish and easy to maintain.  Although there are some styles that made a short appearance on the hair scene, there are more that have lasted the test of time. 

The reason some hair trends have remained popular is because they make you look better, whether its brightening your complexion, slimming out your face or elongating your neck and enhancing your jaw line.  Hair feathers serve a beauty-enhancing purpose as well.  Adding bright strands to your hair accomplishes a few things:


1) Brighten's Complexion.  Drab hair color will make your skin look dull, wash you out and can even make you look sickly.  Adding a couple strands of bright colors will bring out subtle colors in your skin whether its the pink in your cheeks or the blue of your eyes.  A contrasting strand will draw the eyes attention to the complementary tones in your face.
2) Adds texture.   The grizzly pattern in a Picasso Hair Feather gives the illusion of texture and along with the color will make your hair appear fuller!  For those with thin and flat hair, test it out yourself!  Take a look in the mirror without a hair feather and then add one.  You will notice your locks look fuller and have more style - like you just came from the salon when all you really did is add a bolder strand. 

3) Instant Style.   Its clear that some styles look like you spent time on your hair and appearance and others look as though you completely skipped the process.  A nice hair style will enhance your overall appearance making you look put-together and beautiful!  The best part is, it only takes a minute to apply them and get gorgeous style. 


Because of these reasons, hair feathers continue to be very popular and add beauty to the hair of women world-wide.   More importantly, you wear something because you like it!  If you are considering hair feathers but are unsure if they're still "cool" or not, be bold and do what YOU want to do despite of what others may or may not think. 


They are still really popular are my school. Just bought some more for my dance comp :)

Posted by Tanley on March 17, 2013

I love my purple hair feathers and I can’t imagine ever giving them up! I love how they look <3

Posted by Jenny on December 02, 2012

agreed! XD

Posted by Ashley J. on December 02, 2012

Soooo true! I still get tons of compliments on my hair feathers.

Posted by Mallorie on December 02, 2012

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