Have You Asked: Is Ombre Hair In or Out?

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Ombre colored locks can be spotted everywhere from the runway, magazines, television to your local supermarket.  This hair trend took over in what seemed like one night, however according to many color technicians and stylists there is nothing new about ombre hair.  Stylists have been experimenting with color gradation for years but it only really went to sky-high levels of popularity when style icon celebs starting rocking this multi-toned locks. 


Goegeous light ombre, fading from dark blonde to light blonde

Ombre fading from black to brown


If you are confused about what ombre means, this is when the hair gradually lightens in color so the color on the ends of the hair is lighter than the top.  This is supposed to reflect what the sun can naturally do to you hair, however is enhanced with bolder shades.



As soon as this trend became popular, women started asking "Is ombre still in?"  And this made me wonder....Why does there always have to be an expiration date? and if we like it, who's approval do we need to tell us it's still "cool"?

I have heard this question asked countless times, so I did a little research myself.  I found articles on the question from early 2011 and more recently from Glamour magazine..  The verdict has been the same - ombre is not going anywhere any time soon. You can adapt your ombre shades along with the season, and there will likely be tweaks and changes in the ombre look as time goes on; dip-dye and bright, playful colors are an example of the newer versions. 


Pale pink ombre or dip-dye is one of these new ombre tweaks popping up on celebs, pinterest and lookbooks.  You can now get pastel pink hair extension highlights to add gorgeous color, without dying your hair. 

When reading an article on the trend in Salon Magazine, I came across a great point  - this trend is perfect for difficult economic times. You can get it touched up, or dyed when YOU want.  You don't have to deal with roots or expensive maintenance appoints.  I personally hate making such large commitments to color.. which is why I have never dyed my hair a bright shade of burgundy (which I love!)... I just don't want to deal with touch-ups and color maintenance. Ombre allows you to get the high-end style without all that maintenance.

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Amazing!!! Love the DIY highlights – way better than using bleach

Posted by Jani on November 27, 2012

Love Demi Lovato’s pink ends

Posted by Maddy on August 12, 2012

IN!!! I have blonde hair and want lavender purple ends :D

Posted by Alicia J. on August 12, 2012

I luv it. I have had ombre hair for about a year now. In the fall I am going to go a little darker and tone down my blonde ends. I’d luv to try a red ombre! I think it looks good with really dark hair.

Posted by Riley on August 12, 2012

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