Spring 2014 Look Book

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In about a month it will officially be spring.  Here is Toronto the snow has started to melt (although I have a feeling this is only temporary).  And I never want to hear the words "polar vortex" ever again!!  

 I've started to look for signs of spring; Robins chirping, grass peaking through the snow and sunny days. Warmer weather can't come fast enough. In an attempt to manifest warm, sunny days I've started checking out Spring 2014 fashion trends.  So many lovely looks that I'm excited to get my hands on and pair with my fav trends in hair color. And with that as my inspiration,   I've put together 3 spring outfits with complimentary hair colors. The hair colors are ONLY suggestions - it is best to pick highlights that compliment your skin tone to brighten up dull, winter hair and skin.  You want to create contrast with your hair and skin color.  When the color is too similar it can wash you out, making your features disappear.

Olive:  Intense chocolate browns, rich earthy shades, golden blonde and rose gold

Dark: Espresso or inky black, toffee or caramel

Medium - Cool:  Platinum blonde, Chestnut Brown or lavender

Medium - Warm: Golden blonde, Caramel or pastel pink

Fair - Cool: Platinum Blonde, Lavender, Chestnut Brown or Mint

Fair - Warm: Pastel Pink, Caramel, Golden Blonde, Medium Golden Brown 

I have to say, the last look is my fav so I paired it with my fav highlights - rose gold.  It may be hard to tell over a computer screen, but this color is gorgeous and truly unique.  It's our best seller at trade shows and festivals, and looks good in every hair color.  


P.S  If you want to check out our highlights and hair feathers click the link below

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2014: Make it your hottest year yet!

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New Year. New Look. 

If you are looking to update your look this year and make 2014 your hottest year yet then you've come to the right spot.   Your hair says a lot about you, more than you may realize.  With beautiful rich color, highlights, lowlights and a sleek cut, you can give your confidence a major boost! You can visit http://www.humanhairextensionsonline.com.au for more hair extensions. 

Dye-free highlight hair extensions are an easy, hair-healthy way to add gorgeous salon highlights - at home and without the salon price tag. 


Highlight hair extensions are easily applied using the simple Loop n' Lock system.  Each highlight comes with a pre-attached micro-bead and threading loop.  Using the threading loop, thread a strand of your hair through the micro-bead and squeeze flat using a pair of household pliers.  Watch the video below to see just how easy it is!


If you've gone to the salon for pastel colored highlights, then you know just how quickly the color fades.  With Style Strands dye-free highlights the color won't wash out and fade! You can shampoo, blow-dry, straighten and curl your highlights just as you would your natural hair.  Even better, they can easily be removed and reapplied. 

Available in a variety of different colors and three pack size options:

6 pack of highlights for $19.95....  Click HERE to shop 6packs

15 pack of highlights for $38.95.... Click HERE to shop 15packs

30 pack of highlights for $69.95...  Click HERE to shop 30packs

+ FREE Shipping in the USA and Canada

Whether you'd love to have golden blonde or lavender highlights, we've got a variety a gorgeous colors to suit you!

DIY Costumes with Hair and Make-up

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Two weeks until Halloween!  Growing up, my mom always made my costumes and I helped with the process. We'd go to second-hand shops to find materials and accessories and she would whip together an awesome and unique costume!  I still LOVE to make my own costumes. The process is so much fun. If you haven't tried making your own costume, I suggest you start NOW!

Here are three awesome DIY costume ideas.  These are great for inspiration; let your creativity guide you.
Don't forget the hair! I have included hair and make-up suggestions as well, because no costume is complete unless you've transformed your look head-to-toe. 

The peacock is one of the most beautiful and elegant animals. Show off your own beauty with this glamorous costume. 

Hair + Make-up:

SHOP Hair Feathers HERE

Real peacock feathers are taken cruelly, so it's best to go with a vegan alternative.  The bright turquoise, royal blue and smoky gray in our Blue Lagoon pack are perfect for some peacock inspired hair flair.   You can straighten or curl these hair feathers as you like. I love how she has pulled her hair to the side and left it long and flowing. 

Her make-up is gorgeous! The bright blue shades she used are likely too much for your day-to-day make-up look, so use this holiday as an excuse to play with bright colors .  Watch the video below to see how to achieve this make-up look at home.




Make your own costume with a tutu and some felt! Add to a blue top and black leggings.
This costume is great for adults and little ones. 

Find this costume here at www.rusticredfence.com


DIY costume here


Love this whimsical look.  You can do as much or as little as you want.  Add a pair of wings and hair crystals to a dress you already have, or make a flowing gown.


 Hair + Make-up:



SHOP Hair Crystals HERE

Soft and pretty, this make-up look is just right for a woodland fairy.  Pink cheeks, a touch of glitter and soft curls.  Hair crystals add that extra bit of sparkle and whimsy.  Our top quality crystals are easy to apply and re-usable.  

Watch the video below for a tutorial on this make-up look



This one is very easy.  You can go as extreme or as simple as you like.  
All you really need is a pair of wings!  I love the matching mother daughter costumes seen below.



Not your traditional girly-girl costume, this costume is FIERCE!  If you love your comic book characters, or the image of a strong woman, then Rogue is your girl. 

Hair + Make-up

SHOP Blonde Highlights HERE

I HATE wearing Halloween wigs. They are annoying, uncomfortable and usually look terrible; so what's the point in wearing them?  By adding our platinum blonde highlights to your natural hair, you can skip the wig or dye and get amazing rogue hair!

Rogue usually has green shadow on, although the look below isn't a specific Rogue look, it's perfect for the costume!


If you have some experience with sewing (I envy you!) then you'll love this DIY costume.  
Watch this tutorial below to make your own fabulous Xmen jumpsuit. 


And there you go! Three awesome, head-to-toe costumes that will make an impact this Halloween. 

If you're going to try out one of these costumes or have another great idea that includes hair flair, leave a comment below!

Happy Halloween!


Hair Bling Crystals

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         I am so excited about our newest product - hair crystals!   I first came across this hot hair accessory on a recent trip to Las Vegas.  One night while my girlfriends and I were out for dinner, we were seated beside a table of women celebrating a bachelorette weekend.   The bride-to-be was gorgeous, with a cute white mini-dress and several hair crystals in her long flowing hair.  Her look was glamorous, pretty and fun.  We all loved her look and thought it was perfect for a party.  

         Months later, when my friend began planning her own wedding festivities she decided she wanted to get some of these hair crystals and add them to her bridal hair for her "bling" themed wedding.  We visited several beauty supplies with no luck, and although we did find some online - they were either too big, or looked cheap.  Not the look she wanted on her wedding day.   

Now, brides and women who want to add some sparkle can find high quality hair crystals on Picasso Hair Feathers!

These gorgeous little hair gems are attached by threading a small strand of your hair through a tiny ring attached to the crystal.  It's so easy to do and because of the no-slip material, your crystals will stay in place until you remove them (for brushing or washing).  

Each pack includes 6 re-usable crystals and a threading loop.  Everything you need to add fabulous sparkle.

Everyone loves some bling.  Especially for those extra special occasions like proms, parties and weddings!
These beautiful hair bling crystals are perfect for glam bridal up-do's and available in three different colors; turquoise, pink or clear diamond crystal. 

If you'd love to add some bling to your hair, click the link below and take advantage of our introductory rate (LIMITED TIME ONLY).

P.S SHOP Hair Crystals Here

P.S If you love these, then you will absolutely love our sparkle hair feathers. Read more here. 

Get Glam - Hot NEW Product!

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It's been a while since I've written a blog post, but I promise I have a good reason.

We've been working on a number of new products and LOTS of new colors.

Starting next month, we'll be releasing hot new colors and several new

products that you will LOVE (I'm already obsessed). 

I'm so excited I wanted to give you a sneak peak.   We started selling 

these at trade shows and festivals with HUGE success.  Everyone is loving 

them - and always sell out! 

And because I've been receiving so many emails requesting more, I am 

putting them up on the website.   Are you dying to know what it is?

Drum roll please...

Sparkle Strands!  

Sparkle strands are our animal-friendly hair feathers completely blinged out 

with sparkling hair tinsel.  

Easy to apply, with just a pair of household pliers.  You can also wash, blow-dry, 

flat-iron and curl your sparkling strands (up to 180 degrees)

The sparkle will last 2 - 6 weeks and your hair feather will continue to last for

several more weeks.

Safe and non-toxic these strands are gorgeous for everyday wear, special 

occasions, bridal parties, cheerleaders, dancers, parties or holiday!

==> CLICK to Get Glam with Sparkle Strands (LIMITED QUANTITY)

Pick up a Brown and Gold Sparkle Strand today for just $6 today before 

they're sold out. We have a VERY LIMITED QUANTITY.

Don't forget we have FREE SHIPPING in the USA and CANADA.

==> CLICK to Get Glam with Sparkle Strands (LIMITED QUANTITY)

Want color combinations of hair feather + sparkles would you like to see?

Leave a comment below or email kate@picassohairfeathers.com

To fabulous looking hair, 


Highlight Hair Extensions vs. Clip-in Hair Extensions

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1. How are Style Strands different from colored clip-ins?

Our Style Strands are quite different than the run of the mill colored clip-ins. Here are the main differences:


  • Our unique Loop n Lock system means once you apply your highlights, they can be left in your hair for up to 4-8 weeks! Unlike clip-ins, they do not need to be removed and reapplied everyday!

  • They are made of TOP quality, 100% human remy hair. This means our Style Strands can be treated just like your natural hair. They can be washed & styled with your natural hair and they will stay soft, shiny and smooth!

  • They come in smaller groups of strands giving you more flexibilty to create the look you want! Clip-in Highlights come in 1"-2" chunks. This means if you want subtle, peek-a-boo highlights or a more natural look, you simply cannot achieve it with clip-in highlights. Style Strands highlights can be applied to create a chunky streaks (apply 3-5 strands beside eachother) or natural, peek-a-boo highlights. YOU decide.

  • NO noticable clips. Clip-in highlights are hard to disguise. Style Strands are attached with only a tiny bead, meaning they can easily be concealed and no one will ever know!

2. Will the color change or fade over time?

No! This is one of the best features of Style Strands. They will not fade or change color. When you go to the salon for highlights, you can expect to make a return visit in about 6-8 weeks as your color will have lost it's luster. Well, not with Style Strands! The color will remain rich & vibrant as long as they are in your hair.

3.  Will Style Strands damage my hair?

No! Style Strands will not cause any damage to your hair - in fact, if you're worried about damage, these are a great option for you! Bleach and dye are so full of chemicals that strip your hair of nourishment, leaving your hair brittle, dry and lacking shine. When you say "good-bye" to your hair dye and hello to Style Strands - you are also saying hello to healthy hair! 

4.  Are they difficult to apply at home?


Not at all - Style Strands are so easy to apply and take only seconds!  You just need a pair of household pliers and your ready to go! The attachment method is so simple, you will get the hang of it in no time. You can watch one of our easy to follow videos or pictorial instructions here

5. Are they suitable for kids?

YES! Kids love Style Strands and so do their parents!  Young girls see the trends on T.V, at school, in magazines, etc. and of course they want to try them out too! But, for good reason, many parents do not want to start dyeing their hair at such a young age. These are a great alternative! Girls can have fun with their hair, try out those pink highlights, all while causing no damage to their natural hair.  As there are small pieces involved, do not apply to children under the age of 4. 

I hope this helps to answer your questions, now.. go on and get your shop on ;)!

Lots of LOVE,



How-to: Get longer, thicker, voluminous hair

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Do you wish your hair was a bit longer? 
Do you dream of voluminous, sexy hair?
Do you want curls and beach waves that last for days? 

The obvious answer to this is hair extensions.  
But a full head of extensions is not for everyone.

Here's the thing a lot of women don't know....


You don't need a full head of hair extensions to make a  BIG improvement to your look. 


You can add a few inches and sexy volume to your locks with just 30 highlight hair extensions.  
The more you add, the more length and volume you will get. 


And here's something else you may not know...


You don't need nasty toxic glue, tight painful braids or damaging irons to apply them.
There are safe and gentle options available, one being the micro-loop system used in our human hair highlights.


Here are two examples on how I added length, volume and color using only  30 Style Strands highlights. 

Look #1  The Blonde Bombshell


Color: Light Blonde Ombre
Length:  Added 3 inches and volume
Products Used:  15 pack of Light Ombre and 15 pack of Golden Blonde

How-to Instructions:  


Step 1: (red dots)  Starting 1 inch in from the hair line at the nape of her neck, I applied 15 light ombre highlights in a V shape going up behind her ears. I left about a fingers width between each highlight. 

Step 2: Take a thin layer of hair above the extensions to cover them.

Step 3:  (yellow dots) Using this next layer of hair, apply 15 golden blonde highlights above and in between the first layer of hair extensions.  This technique is called brick laying.

Look #2  The Raven Haired Beauty

Color: Black with Dark Ombre
Length:  Added 4 inches and volume
Products Used:  30 pack of Dark Ombre

How-to Instructions:  

Step 1: (red dots)  Starting 1 inch in from the hair line at the nape of her neck, I applied 15 dark ombre highlights in a V shape going up behind her ears. I left about a fingers width between each highlight. 

Step 2: Take a thin layer of hair above the extensions to cover them. 

Step 3:  (yellow dots) Using this next layer of hair, applied 15 dark ombre highlights above and in between the first layer of hair extensions.  This technique is called brick laying.

Step 4:  For a more natural gradation in color from black to blonde, I cut very small and subtle layers into the second layer of hair extension highlights around her face. This left more chocolate brown and a less blonde.  You don't want to risk ruining your highlights, so I recommend leaving this step to a professional if you choose to cut layers.  This step is optional. 

Is this right for you?


How much length you can add will depend on your natural hair and not all results will be the same.

You can add more length if...
- your hair is already long
- you have layers
- you have thin - medium thickness

You won't be able to add as much length if...
- your hair is short, above your shoulders
- you have a blunt hair cut
- you have thick hair with a heavy weight line


Still not sure?  Send me an email with a description of your natural hair and I'll tell you if this easy option will help you get the hair of your dreams!  kate@picassohairfeathers.com

Here's a video to show you just how easy it is to apply our Style Strands highlights

If you've added length and color using Style Strands highlights, share a pic on our Facebook page!
I'd love to see it!



P.S  All our hair extension highlights are made from top quality, 100% human remy hair. This means you can wash, blow-dry and style your hair extension highlights just as you would your natural hair. 

>> For 15 packs of highlights click HERE

>> For 30 packs of highlights click HERE

Did you know these 4 Answers?

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Over the weekend we were at a vegetarian lifestyle festival selling hair feathers and highlights - the turn out was awesome!  It was the first year for the festival and we applied over 1000 hair feathers to women of all ages in one afternoon. 


Around 5pm I finally got a chance to sit down! 

It was amazing meeting our customers face-to-face and I learned a valuable lesson.  I shouldn't assume everyone understands our product.

So many people had never seen anything like our hair feathers or highlights before and they had a lot of questions.  Once answered, they were thrilled and loved the idea of animal-friendly hair feathers and real human hair highlights.


Lots of girls were picking out hair feathers to match their outfit

Because you couldn't be there and ask me these questions in person, I have put together a list of the 4 most common questions with detailed answers for you.    If I missed a question you have, email me at kate@picassohairfeathers.com

Question #1  -  What are they made out of?

Hair Feathers:  heat resistant synthetic.  You can wash, blow dry and style these with your natural hair but just keep your hot tools at a lower temperature.  

Highlights:  100% human hair.  You can treat the highlights just as you would your natural hair; wash, blow dry and style as usual.

Question #2  - Why aren't these real feathers?

The real hair feathers you often see in women's hair are the result of animal brutality.   Originally bred for fishing tackle,  thousands of roosters are now slaughtered each month for this trend.     Those real feather extensions are coming from a rooster that was gassed and skinned.  They are then dyed a variety of colors and sold at salons and online.    

One company knowingly lied to their customers telling them the animals were treated ethically (ya right!)  After receiving a cease and desist letter that statement was removed from their website. 

Needless to say, we are proud to offer a product that imitates nature's beauty and doesn't steal it from them. 

Question #3 - How long do they last?

For myself and my clients the average is about 2 months.  You may need to reapply your hair feather or highlights before then, but the quality should remain the same.   Our hair feathers and highlights are so easy to reapply.  If your hair feather falls out - no problem!  Just re-thread your micro-ring with your threading loop and reapply. 

Here are some tips to keep your hair feathers and highlights lasting longer:
- don't over do it on the heat and keep the temp low
- be gentle with your pliers when squeezing your micro-ring flat
- when styling, its best to style WITH your natural hair.    

Question #4 - How are they applied?

Both the hair feathers and highlights are applied using our easy loop system.  Your micro-ring and threading loop is already attached so all you will need is a pair of flat household pliers.   

Here's my fav review and tutorial...

And we have detailed pictures here ->   How-to: Apply Hair Feathers (picture tutorial)

Remember to keep your threading loop so you can remove and reapply your hair feathers and highlights!

Hope these answered some of your questions, and if I didn't answer it here check out the FAQ page

Until next time,


P.S   Have you ever gone to a festival and thought it would be awesome to have a booth there?  Festivals, art & crafts and trade shows have to be one of the funnest ways to meet new people and sell some great products.  And YOU can do it too.  You can easily sell hair feathers at a show or festival near you by selling up for our wholesale program.    

For more details on our wholesale hair feathers click HERE

free shipping

12 Tips to Save BIG Money

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Do you realize just how much cash you're spending on your hair?  

If you're buying hair products and visiting the salon every 7 weeks you're likely spending $1000's of dollars on hair care every year!

Before you stress and pull your hair out, here are 12 ways to save up to $1000 a year...
(... just think how many manicures, facials and massages you could get for $1000!)


#1  Skip the blow-dry at your salon and tell your hair dresser you will dry it at home.

#2 For the products you absolutely love but can't afford at full price, sign up for their email newsletters so you will be the first to know when the items go on sale.

#3 Discuss your budget with your stylist and ask for a style and maintenance schedule that will work within it.

#4 Condition your hair so you don't end up with split ends and won't need to rush to your hair dresser for a trim. 

#5 Choose a low maintenance color that doesn't fade quickly.

#6 Use apple cider vinegar instead of a clarifying shampoo

#7 Sign up for coupon sites and keep a list of the products you always need.  Scan the emails and buy when your items go on sale.

#8 Mix water with your conditioner for a leave in conditioner

#9  Ask about free bang trims - many salons will offer this for their regular customers between cuts.

#10 Visit a beauty school for super cheap prices.  Great for a simple style and cut!

#11 If you don't have a regular stylist, check out Groupon or another daily deal site.  They often have salon packages at over 50% off

#12  Make your own shampoo or buy the jumbo bottle from a beauty supply store like Sally's Beauty Supply.

Don't wait until you are desperate for a product or hair cut.  Plan ahead.
Save where you can and you'll be able to splurge once and awhile. 

The key to saving money on hair care is to be proactive in your hunt for deals.
If you leave it to the last minute, you aren't able to price shop and will spend more than you need to. 

Do you have any money saving beauty tips?  Share them in the comments below :)

How to Dye Your Hair Naturally - Part 2

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5 Surprising Ways to Light Your Hair Naturally


Do blondes really have more fun?


Maybe, but this isn't the only reason blonde is such a desired hair color;
sun kissed locks are GORGEOUS!  

Bleach changes the texture of the hair, making it coarse, dull and weak, often resulting in breakage. 

Good news: you can lighten an brighten your hair naturally. 


Look like a Total Beach Babe This Summer

I'm going to tell you 5 incredible ways to lighten your hair this summer.  

ATTENTION brunettes and raven hair beauties

These tips aren't just for those with naturally light hair.

Keep reading to find out how I got my light brown balayage ombre highlights WITHOUT bleach last summer.

These are pics of my summer style last year - all natural, chemical free and animal-friendly!


Lighten Your Hair at Home, Naturally

Test a small strand first.  Your hair color can react differently depending on your natural color. 

Looking for ombre highlights?  Then only apply these methods to the ends of your hair.

Lastly, these methods are not as harsh as strong chemicals, so it will take longer and may take repeated applications to lighten your color. 

Let's get to it. 


   #1 Lemon Juice (mild - strong / works on all colors)

Add juice from 4 lemons to a 1/2 cup of warm water in a spray bottle.  

Spritz your hair and leave it on for 20 - 30 minutes.  Rinse and follow up with your fav conditioning treatment. 

Lemon juice is acidic and can dry out your hair a bit.  This is why I recommend following up with a natural conditioner like olive oil. 



#2 Honey (mild - medium / works on all colors)

Mix 1 part honey with 2 parts olive oil and apply to the hair you want to lighten.  Tie your hair up and leave it for 40 minutes. 

To boost results, place a plastic shower cap over your hair and wrap with a towel to keep it warm.


#3 Chamomile (mild - medium / blonde or brown)

In a glass of ceramic pot, boil 1 cup of dried chamomile in 2 cups of water for 30 minutes.

Lower heat and let simmer for 20 minutes.  Let cool and strain the leaves from the liquid.  

After washing your hair, rinse with the chamomile liquid and let sit for 5 minutes. 

You can also use tea bages if you can't get the dry leaves. 


#4 Hair Extension Highlights

If you're looking for brighter shades of highlights then you won't likely achieve it with natural remedies. 


For chunky highlights try Style Strands hair extension highlights. (View color selections HERE)



#5 Vitamin C (great for previously dyed hair)

The strength of this is pretty impressive and great for removing hair color. 

You need vitamin C tablets and your shampoo.  Crush about 4 tablets into a find powder in a bowl.  Add 4 tbsp of your shampoo and mix.   Apply it to the areas you wish to lighten.  Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for 45 minutes.  Rinse and condition. 

These methods are so easy and much better for your hair!  For extra shiny and soft hair, finish with a DIY hair mask

Try it out, and leave a comment below letting me know how it worked for you!



P.S  I LOVE helping women get the hair style they've always wanted, but Picasso Hair Feathers is a business, and businesses need to sell things to stay afloat, right?  If you want to check out our cruelty-free hair feathers click HERE 


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